Extra protection to your device,
No question asked to claim.

We understand that all gadget accesories could break,
Gadgetoutfit provides insurance for all main products.


Case Examples

Some examples of Skin damage:

  1. Mobile Warranty claim may remove the skin for troubleshooting and other stuff.
  2. Sharp object may damage the skin while come in contact.
  3. Vinyl, plastic, rubber and even iron surfaces will be damaged if they fall on rough surfaces.
  4. The claim process can still be carried out according to the procedure for any reason..

Insurance Types

All products can be registered for insurance with protection types such as:

  • 3 Months:
    3 Months protection from purchase date with 8% fee from total product price.
  • 6 Months:
    6 Months protection from purchase date with 12% fee from total product price.
  • 12 months:
    12 Months protection from purchase date with 15% fee from total product price.
    The entire insurance claim process must show the skin to be claimed according to the procedure below and can only be done a maximum of 1x / order number (order id).

Insurance claims procedure

  1. Contact gadgetoutfit Care (Whatsapp).
  2. List the order number, name and product as well the claimed part.
  3. Cut / tear skin into several parts. (To avoid misuse of insurance claims)
  4. Submitting a video that shows the process of the skin being scissors / torn.
  5. Menanggung biaya pengiriman produk garansi yang akan dikirim dalam waktu paling lambat 3 × 24 hours or the warranty is deemed forfeited.
Note: the type of the product to be shipped are in accordance with the product ordered beforehand.